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The Most Trusted & Secure Protocol for Sensitive Document Transmission!

Why SureSend
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Why SureSend


Most documents today are transmitted using insecure, unencrypted and untraceable methods and services placing confidential data and users at risk. Businesses of all sizes, and consumers who exchange sensitive information, are at risk using systems with significant security issues.
SureSend digitally transmits your documents with custom end-to-end encryption. During transmission, your documents are enclosed into our Encrypted Digital Envelope (EdE), providing confidence your documents stay safe and private, while making you, privacy compliant each and every time you transmit. We are undeniably the  best replacement solution to fax and/or courier.

Unrivaled Benefits

Whether you are in business, a professional, or consumer and require a secure and guaranteed way to send your sensitive information to another party, the question remains, how to do it and what to use? Is the method privacy compliant and secure? How much will it cost? How long will it take to get there? 
SureSend’s answer to these concerns, Security, Cost, and Speed.   Click here to learn more…
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Unrivaled Benefits
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Effortless and Easy
to Use

Simple to use with no special training, tools, or resources required. With a user-friendly interface, compatibility on all devices and complete encryption key management, each transmission automatically places the sender and recipient in compliance with legislative privacy guidelines and requirements whereby securing your documents from prying eyes with zero risk of threat.

SureSend-True Value

SureSend-True Value & Innovation

We provide a unique industry standard Encryption Process to prevent data interception and retrieval. When using SureSend’s custom encryption and decryption processes, with it's Encrypted Digital Envelope (EdE), data is 100% inaccessible by anyone, including our own SureSend employees…except of course for the intended Recipient.

Our unique system is fully owned, managed, and a self-sufficient, independently hosted solution by SureSend, with no 3rd party cloud services used.


Users receive Enterprise quality data transmission and the utmost in security in a cost-effective manner. The value provided by our system design is unrivaled in the industry today.


Think of SureSend as your supplemental tool of choice when you need to send sensitive documents that require protection.


See how we compare other systems and services.  Click here to learn more…

Client Success

Why companies & consumers use SureSend

“I require injury reports to be drafted and proofed before testimony in court. I’m able to send and receive this information back and forth with my colleagues and support staff in preparation. Knowing that everything is secure and protected lifts concern off my shoulders and that of the patient.”

Chiropractor, Calgary, Alberta 
White Papers

White Papers & Industry Reports

Get more functionality with SureSend by using these partner integrations. Pull documents from all these resources…

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