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Unrivaled Benefits

SureSend’s answer to all of these concerns, Security, Cost, and Speed:

Document/User Security

  • SSL Encrypted Communications

  • Encryption in transit, on servers and during transmission delivery

  • Content is 100% unviewable or decryptable by 3rd Parties including SureSend Employees, except for the intended recipient

  • All documents contained in an Encrypted Digital Envelope (“EdE”) prior to transmission 

  • Ensures data privacy, improves data Integrity, guards against unauthorized access and enables secure remote work

Delivery Cost

  • Enterprise quality data transmission for pennies per transmission

  • Monthly subscription with unlimited use, no restrictions, additional fees, or hidden costs 

  • Receive all incoming transmissions for free

  • See SureSend Pricing located in Pricing Tab


Delivery Speed & Accuracy

  • Device & user destination verified

  • Each transmission is verified & recorded

  • Absolute delivery accuracy 

  • Global reach 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

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